Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Charlie's Fashion Tip!

I meant to write my blog hours ago. Instead I’m sat here at 11.30pm only just getting around to it. And the reason? Packing. I hate packing. Absolutely hate it. I'm terrible at it. I’ve read every article and piece of advice known to woman and still it takes me hours and hours.

The problem is that the w
ay I dress each day really depends on how I feel that morning. I rarely plan what I’m going to wear the night before...only in extreme circumstances (i.e. early, early starts when I'll barely be conscious enough to make a decision!)...otherwise it’s just what I’m feeling that morning. Something I love on a Monday can make me feel shit on Friday. I’m guessing its hormones!

All of which means that the idea of packing and trying to plan outfits for multiple days is slow and painful. Even for a long weekend in Cardiff! And especially when I also have a stinking cold and felt like I was having an out of body experience watching myself grappling with the packing!

But it’s I have ten minutes before I’m quaffing Night Nurse and going to sleep!

My friend Charlie has told me where last night's leopard print shoes are from and, my god Edna readers, you're in for a treat!

Kate Kanzier

I’ve never heard of this shop but I almost peed myself when I saw the website and the choice of shoes...and the prices! There is a physical shop on Leather Lane near Farringdon in London but everything is on the website.

Charlie’s leopard print shoes shown last night are £30 down from £40. I shit you not.

There’s a huge selection of
brogues that seem to range from £20-£30

And a huge selection of heels, such as these down from £55 to £35 .

There is a sale on until 15 September, so the already really well priced shoes are even cheaper, such as these gorgeous beaded sandals down to £15 from £30.

And they sell handbags too!

Kate Kanzier might be one of the best fashion tips I've ever received!

Thank you Charlie!

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