Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New season Kate Kanzier

I saw my friend Charlie at the weekend who last year introduced me to the delights of Kate Kanzier shoes. She was wearing a great pair of Kate Kanzier tan brogue boots and told me that she’d also bought a pair of heels just last week.

It was a reminder of how great Kate Kanzier shoes are both in their design and prices...and that I’d not visited the site for a little while.
Charlie said the sizing can be a little all over the place...which does make buying online a challenge (they do have a shop in London)...but still, at £25-30 for a great pair of brogues it’s worth playing the online shopping roulette!
These are some of my favourites...including some gorgeous heels which I’m now only wearing in my dreams, as pregnancy has put an end to my already faltering relationship with high heels!
Kendra ballet pumps - £20
Lorna ballet pumps - £20

Trudie brogues - £25

Luella brogues - £30
Cecilia heels - £35
Eve heels - £35

Jessie heels - £50

Suzy heels - £50

Nirmala heels - £55

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