Friday, 9 December 2011

Lust Item of December

The sales have already started in some quarters...unfortunately not yet in those where I have an interest. I'm obsessively checking Topshop in the hope that the dalmatian print ballet pumps I featured as October’s lust item of the month have been reduced. If they ever do get a price chop, I’d even be tempted to get them in leopard print too.

I’ve also got my eye on a new sweater that is also getting a daily check...and is December’s lust item!

It’s from a range by Sophie Hulme for Asos

I can’t afford Sophie Hulme full price, so a little collaboration with the high street is always appealing. But at the moment, £65 for a sweater is still a bit steep for me.

I love the androgynous style of Sophie Hulme’s clothing but also that they’re made feminine by all of the little details – sequins, mixing fabrics and textures, bows. I think on the high street Cos is very similar – simple pieces, no unnecessary flounces or frippery but with detailing that stops the pieces being dull.

Like this sweater.

It has a masculine feel to it - chunky and quite sensible, it looks like it would keep you warm – but the close fit, the sequins and the navy colouring makes it chic and feminine...and lustworthy.
I keep picturing myself in an outfit that channels this look from Alexa Chung.

Photo from the Daily Telegraph
Something floaty on the bottom and chunky and sensible on the top.

So fingers crossed the sales gods smile on me and the sweater gets the price chop soon.
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