Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping & cats eyes

I've had so much to blog about this month and absolutely no time. I need to dig out my camera and do a few outfit shots, as I've treated myself to a couple of visits to the shops!

I finally got to visit the Mary Portas shop in House of Fraser last week, which was amazing! I'm going to blog properly about it when I have time because it was such a great experience...and I got some serious bargains!

It's definitely worth having a look online...or visiting a store if you're in the vicinity. The reductions are amazing - dresses down from £150 to £45, trousers down from £85 to £25.50, scarves down from £50 to £15.

In the meantime, I'm going to show you another lust item for June...something which is definitely not a bargain, and I would not buy full price. But it still doesn't stop me lusting after them.

Irregular Choice High Jinx sunglasses - £85

I love the quirkiness of these cats eye sunglasses and can just imagine wearing them with a really simple outfit.

As much as I love them, I'll not be opening my purse. I can't justify spending that amount of money on quirky sunglasses...and anyway, I've already spent my pennies with Mary Portas!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Workwear Daydreams

I've been back in the world of office work for a month. Leaving Laney May in the nursery is slowly starting to get easier. The  midday anxiety attack and urge to sprint back to south London to get her are gradually starting to fade.

But just as I'm getting used to travelling into central London every day, there's already talk of trips overseas. It feels like a logistical feat just getting us all out of the house each day, so lord only knows how it would be possible to make it further than these shores!

In the same way that I focused on my return to work wardrobe to help deal with the anxiety of going back to work, I seem to be doing the same with the idea of business trips.

So rather than focus on the practicalities of possibly making it to China, I'm just thinking about what I'd like to wear!

Whistles Wren tailored trousers - £125 (not sure I’m quite ready for the full on fushia pink trouser suit though!)
A very Erdem influenced digital print shirt from Monsoon - £45 
Zara plaited shopper - £89.99 (which admittedly I see about 20 times a day in different colours!)
Preen Aldo Rise Paider heeled sandals - £62.50 (down from £125) – possibly shoes for sitting at my desk, rather than actually doing any walking!

Mary Portas cropped draped jacket - £80 (down from £ shows the reduction on the main page view but when you click into the jacket it still shows £160)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clarks update

A quick Clarks update...

I saw my sister at the weekend and she'd been on a bit of a Clarks shopping bender. And I can't believe I missed these beauties in my Clarks round-up last week!

She had a gorgeous purple heeled pair of sandals which are part of the Liberty range...although it took some time to locate them on the Clarks website.

Clarks Shea Cashmere sandals - £49.99

And these sandals will be making their way into my wardrobe very soon! They looked amazing on her and are a very reasonable £29.99.

Surf Gala in black suede - £29.99

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lust item of June

Since having Laney May and breast-feeding for so many months, my wardrobe has definitely moved away from the dress monopoly and I'm much more likely to wear separates. Even now when I don't need to have ready access to my breasts (!), I haven't automatically fallen back into my daily dress routine.

And my new fashion love affair is with blouses. Whereas I used to always look at dresses first, I find myself now gravitating towards gorgeous, light-weight, printed blouses...such as this silk shirt from Oasis, my lust item of June.

Oasis silk scarf shirt - £60

It's not too girly and whimsy - I think the dark panelling stops it being too pretty and balances out the light-weight, silk fabric. It would be perfect with skinny trousers for a summer day in the office.
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