Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clarks wish list

Clarks makes a frequent appearance on Edna.  I’m a big fan. I’ve confessed before, I'll say it again. It has such a huge range of stock and lots of it can totally turn people off, especially if you’re under the age of 30 but over 5! But if you look closely enough, season-in, season-out, there are some gems. All well made. All really well priced. The Harris Tweed collection is gorgeous. Mary Portas has a great range, with more fashiony pieces (though I have to confess that the lime beauties I bought in the summer sale are a bit pinchy).

For Autumn/Winter 2012, these are my favourites.

Row 1: Camelia Crisp - £44.99; Hamble Oak Harris Tweed brogues - £49.99
Row 2: Dollar tango black patent shoes - £59.99; Jilli tweed in dark brown - £49.99
Row 3: Lulworth Beach teal suede - £59.99; La Catherine from the Mary Portas range - £120
Row 4: Cornish Ice shoes - £64.99; La Jolie from the Mary Portas range - £89.99
Row 5: Kelda Diva knee high boots - £99.99; La Mary black combination suede boots - £130
Row 6: Bea Karob black patent shoes - £64.99Pastel desert boots for little ones - £34 (which have Laney May's name written all over them!)

p.s. I've finally reached 50 members...welcome Edna's 50th! I hope you enjoy xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Orla Kiely frock in the flesh

Hello lovely new Orla Kiely dress...

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo dress, Topshop ballet pumps,
Coccinelle handbag (that's so old it predates my nine
year relationship with my husband!

This is my 'rats are not the boss of me' dress! (though unfortunately they are still the boss of me). Still, one day soon I'll be skipping along in my gorgeous dress, with not a worry about a rodent even crossing my mind!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Orla Kiely dresses...for £19.90!

A quickie as it's late and I'm ill and desperate for the night nurse and my bed!

But I had to do a public service and blog about the latest Orla Kiely range at Uniqlo. It's glorious and a bargain. £19.90 for cotton tunic dresses in her signature prints, with contrast cuffs and Peter Pan collars. What's not to love?!

Mr W heard me making slightly choked noises about half an hour ago while doing a bit of Edna research and realised that my 'no shopping until 2013' ban was being tested to the limit! I stuck to my resolve and mournfully left the page...only for him to say he wanted to buy me one (as a treat for finally facing up to a decades long rodent phobia and going to get help!).

So at least next time I see evil in rodent form (i.e a rat), at least I can skip away (at speed) in a gorgeous dress!

This is the dress making its way to me as we speak...

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress A - £19.90

These are the other dresses in the range but there are also tops, blouses and a scarf.

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress B - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress C - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress D - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress E - £19.90

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to wear a leather skirt

I was chatting to some colleagues recently about leather skirts. They're everywhere this autumn and the general consensus seemed to be to give them a wide berth. I think with leather there's always a fear that you look a bit like you're trying to 'rock it up'...and you can descend into a Roxette tribute act!

I saw this photo recently and thought I'd share Alexa Chung giving a masterclass in how to wear a leather skirt...and not look like she's about to launch into a big hair power ballad!

Photo taken from InStyle UK

The key is the contrast - leather but worn in a ladylike way, with demure heels, a chunky sweater, classic black bag and low-key make-up and hair. No back-combing, fishnets, red lipstick, or a low-cut band t-shirt in sight!

So use Alexa as inspiration and don't be afraid of leather!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Somerset by Alice Temperley

Another week, another designer collaboration on the high street. This time Alice Temperley with the Somerset range for John Lewis.

Alice Temperley isn’t massively my cup of tea...usually a bit too much embellishment and flounce for my taste (though the diffusion 'Alice' range is a bit more my style). But amongst some of the more boho-luxe styling, there are some pieces that are stunning and I’d jump at the chance to wear. A friend has a Temperley leather jacket with studding and it’s find yourself stroking the beautifully soft leather and plotting how to steal it!
The range for John Lewis is beautiful – high quality fabrics, recognisable Temperley designs, wearable pieces that can translate from day to night and that you’ll want to wear year in, year out.
But these designs come at a price and it’s not a cheap one (though obviously massively cheaper than the mainline collection). I’m not questioning whether they’re worth these prices, just my ability to afford them! So I may be bookmarking some of these and checking back again at January sales time.

Spot mesh shift dress - £160

Panel detail leather pencil skirt - £199

Belmont wide triple buckle belt - £80

Wisteria suede snakeskin heels court shoes - £140

Spot mesh tunic - £89

Avalon pony multiway grab bag - £395

Jersey dress in pink - £99

A second range will be launched in October, which will be partywear for the festive you can channel your wannabee Pippa Middleton, if you so wish!

And if you’re lucky enough to have a sister you adore (like I do!), I’m sure the campaign film featuring the model Lily Donaldson and her sister will reduce you to tears! It’s stunning and wonderfully sentimental! I sent it to my sister and she got teary too!

Saturday, 1 September 2012


I love a designer collaboration on the high street and September sees umpteen of them arriving in stores.

One I was particularly looking forward to seeing was the Clements Ribeiro range for Evans.

Clements Ribeiro are known for their gorgeous, eclectic prints and use of colour, so I was excited to see how this would translate onto the high street. There are some gorgeous pieces in the Swan collection for Evans and even if you don’t usually wear a size 14 or above, I’m sure a few of the frocks would look great belted.

These are my favourites...
Pansy print trousers - £45
which look great teamed with the clashing print top

Salome print dress - £65

Lace Grace dress - £95

Floral print Wisteria 21 dress - £75
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