Monday, 25 March 2013

Star print jeans - to buy or not to buy?

I spotted these the other day and had one of those reactions when you think you love something but it's tinged with this unsettling feeling that they may actually be revolting...

Only star print skinny jeans

I made the mistake of consulting Mr W on them and he made a few disinterested comments, one of which sounded - alarmingly - like questioning whether patterned jeans would suit my thighs! The conversation was cut very short after this!

If you lived through the eighties, you are quite naturally wary of patterned jeans. We've seen the best and worst of times. I hope my sister won't mind me sharing her worst of times...a pair of jeans with the Flintstones printed on them. And I actually coveted them.

I know I wouldn't wear jeans with a pair of heeled court shoes, as these have been styled on the Asos website. But I did start to think how would I style them and this is what I think I'd wear...

Cos silk back cotton top - £59

Nike dunk sky high trainers in teal - £85

Made Enzara pendant - £35

Biba Gretal leather shoulder bag - £95.40 (down from £159)

So I think they're definitely now on the 'watch and have a think' list. What do you think? Have you braved patterned jeans yet?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

In honour of Bowie

In a staggering feat of self-control, I avoided Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo and didn't buy a thing. Nowt. God knows how I managed that. I'd got a list last night. This morning I gave myself a stern, bank manager style talking to and decided I didn't need/couldn't really afford any of it. And so here we are this evening, bereft of Birtwell but feeling ok.

I haven't done one for a while but how's this little beauty for a lust item of the month.

Ginger dog t-shirt - £45
Black Score by Simeon Farrar exclusive to Asos

In honour of the Bowie exhibition which has opened at the V&A this week and which I will not feel ok if I miss!

Skinny jeans, a blazer and cute, quirky t-shirt. Come on spring, I'm ready for you.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo

I know I harp on rather a lot about designer collaborations on the high street. But even in the depths of a painful, unattractive, miserable sinus infection, I can feel the fluttering of excitement at the prospect of tomorrow's launch of the Celia Birtwell range at Uniqlo.

It's not the first time she's produced a range for a high street brand - a few years back it was Topshop, then John Lewis and she's done various accessories for other brands, such as Boots. But I think if you love Celia Birtwell - and I do - it doesn't matter that there have been other ranges, it's still exciting and a great opportunity to get your hands on some of her iconic amazing prices.

I have my eye on some of the dresses and blouses, including these two lovelies...

Blouse - £19.90

Dress - £29.90

Vogue has a gallery on its website showing the range...though I didn't spot the grey polka dot outfit anywhere, which I'm a bit partial to (even though I know that those trousers are likely to make anyone under 5"7 look rather squat!). 

The range goes on sale online at 9am tomorrow and 10am in store.

Monday, 4 March 2013

A treat from Kat&Bee

It was my birthday yesterday...I've tipped into an age when I'm now nearer to 40 than 30. I seem to be coping with the transition, other than a permanent state of heartburn! This could just be a coincidence.

Birthdays also mean presents. I was very spoilt and got lots of lovely pressies...including being given birthday money to spend at London Fashion Weekend. And this is one of the birthday treats I bought from there...

A skull ring from the jewellery designer Kat&Bee. I blogged a few years ago about this designer and the gorgeous handmade pieces. No two items are the same - they're all individually made, so all slightly different. 

Skull jewellery can look a little passe these days - every high street store was filled with the stuff over the past few years. But I think if it's something you really love and it fits your style - I love the contrast of skull jewellery with something much prettier - then I don't think it matters that it was so in fashion and has fallen out a bit. It's all about knowing your style.

I've coveted one of these rings for some time, so seeing them on offer at London Fashion Weekend for £65 down from £165 was amazing. I spent an age trying them on before finally going for this one. I loved the mixture of gold, with the silver skull and cobalt blue flower. And although there were rings with a subtler use of skulls, I figured if I was going to make a purchase I should make sure I went for a full-on statement piece.

I've looked on the Kat&Bee site and think this is the ring I I did get a massive bargain. 

And, on top of all this, I chatted to the designer Kat Barry and she's absolutely lovely too!

Happy birthday me!
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