Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Exeter part 2 - the pink coat

The pink coat. What can I say?! It's very special. I looked at it one day, tried to show some financial restraint and ended up going back to the shop the next day, trying it and buying it!

When a vintage coat fits perfectly, you know you have to walk out of the shop with it...especially when it costs a bargain £37! You'd struggle to get a run-of-the-mill Topshop number for anywhere near that price.

Just casually looking at the blossom on the tree...

It was bought from Relevant by Lady Lace in Exeter. If you love vintage and are ever in that part of the world, you have to visit the shop. It's a treasure-trove of beautifully selected vintage pieces.

This coat is my new favourite item of clothing. I may even be looking forward to the cold snap this weekend so I can wear it!

Quite a subtle pink and mustard colour combination...
for a grey day in Exeter!

I love the two little pockets, such a lovely detail.

And found in one of the pockets...

And in the other.

My vintage, mustard crocheted dress - which I was very pleased
I could finally fit into again...if I held my belly in!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Two Nights in Exeter

Mr W and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last week...and the ten year anniversary of our first meeting. Neither of us tend to be 'Mr & Mrs Wine & Roses' but it was a special anniversary, so we arranged to celebrate it on our first weekend away together since Laney May was born. She happily toddled off to her grandparents for the weekend and I don't think even noticed our absence!

We headed to Exeter for two nights. Neither of us had been before and we wanted to do a city break, somewhere new, but not travel too far. I'm not going to be an Exeter tourist guide or ramble too much, other than to say it was delightful! We stayed in a gorgeous hotel called The Magdalen Chapter - I don't have a bad word to say about it. It wasn't cheap but I think it's great value for money.

And I discovered one of the best vintage shops EVER in Relevant by Lady Lace. An amazing selection, a really beautiful shop, 1940s music playing in the background, and really good pricing. It was divine. I bought a dress, a matching blouse and skirt (shown here) and a coat...and that was showing restraint!

I'll do another post soon on the coat. It's a good 'un!

But this is our first full day in the Exeter sunshine...I'm wearing what Mr W calls my 'clown coat'. He's not a fan.

My 'clown coat' is from Sara Berman, bought once for a
massive discount at London Fashion Weekend.

Holding my new coat from Relevant by Lady Lace...wrapped in brown
paper & string. I spent the day in my amazingly comfortable
Yarra boots from Clarks Originals.

The turquoise skirt is a recent purchase from Vintage Hart
(in Crystal Palace). It's vintage St Michael from M&S...
which I love! The black & white polka dot blouse is from Zara.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Hand-knitted pouffes & Mini Boden

A slightly different blog on Edna today - interiors and girl's clothing. I had to write about the gorgeous new addition to my lounge...this teal, hand-knitted pouffe.

I've wanted one of these for ages. We wanted something we could use for extra seating when we have friends over but didn't have room for another chair. But, whenever I find these knitted pouffes online they're pretty expensive. I spotted one in Next recently and even that was £120.

So imagine my delight when I spotted this - handmade and only £50!

It was being sold at my area's wonderful monthly market, the West Norwood Feast. They have a retro market, food, gardening and arts and crafts, which is where I found my treasure.

Unfortunately, they're not available online but if you're in South London and fancy one of these yourself, they'll be sold at a new cafe opening in Streatham (on 15th April) called Serendipity. The sister of the woman who made this is opening the cafe and will be stocking her handmade items. You can find out more on twitter @serendipitysw16

Needless to say, anything new entering our house is commandeered by the smallest member of our household! I love the dress she's wearing in this photo, a present from her lovely Aunty Cathie from Mini Boden. I love clashing florals with stripes, as she's wearing here.

Clothes from Mini Boden are always a bit of a treat but they do have good sales, so that you can pick up a great quality item for a reasonable price. These are some of my current favourites.

Apron pinnie - £20-22

House & bird print jersey dress - £14-16

Jersey dungarees - £18

Mustard printed dress - £17.60-£24

Parrot print skirt - £22-24
Probably more than I'd spend on a skirt for a little one
but I do love this print...for myself too! The skirt
is available in lots of other prints starting at £14.30.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pierre Hardy for Gap wooden sandals - on Ebay

I've entered a brave new world...the world of internet auctions. I'm officially selling my first ever item on Ebay this week. It took me nigh on an hour to list it, so I'm hoping that it will actually sell! Believe it or not, I've never even bought anything on Ebay either. Mr W has done all our household Ebaying. It has been one of his jobs. But once I started sorting out my wardrobe and putting together a healthy pile of stuff to flog, he put his foot down. No more the Ebay slave.

So here it first ever Ebay item.

Pierre Hardy for Gap wooden platforms - on Ebay
with bids starting at a bargainiferous price of £20!

These lovely wooden, brown leather platforms are from the 2009 Pierre Hardy collection for Gap. I loved them when I bought them but have hardly worn them. As comfortable as they are because of the platform, they're still pretty high and life these days limits when I get to wear heels.

Toddler + walking everywhere in London + swelling on nerves in my feet = flat shoes as much as possible!

My podiatrist was trying to encourage me to buy running shoes...for day-to-day wear. Everyone has their limits. This was mine.

Anyway, it does mean saying goodbye to some much loved shoes which I hardly ever wear. So there'll be more Ebaying for me - I'll keep you posted.

These are on sale until Sunday, with bids starting at £20. And they come with the original 'Design Editions' dust bag. (I think I bought them originally for about £45).

If you see me wearing them in a blog post in a few weeks time, you'll know my foray into Ebaying has gone wrong!

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