Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Saved by Chinos

When I was pregnant I didn’t really think very much about putting on weight and my body changing shape...other than the obvious bump protruding out front. I was still able to wear lots of my dresses and just bought more stretchy jersey dresses in a size or so bigger than normal.

But I think I may have deluded myself over how much my body was changing and how I’d look once the bump disappeared!

Almost four months later, it feels very odd to look in the mirror and see a different shaped woman looking back at me.

I don’t feel negative about it all – the changes have been for a wonderful reason – but it has taken a while to adjust. My whole ‘nine months to grow my baby; nine months to change back’ relaxed ethos now just sounds a bit trite. I’m just not quite as ok with the changes as I thought I would be.

I have bigger hips, legs, arms...and especially breasts! And I don’t feel very sexy with my new bigger chest; it’s more a bosomy, matronly look!

Not only have I had to adjust my wardrobe so that I can easily breast-feed – ruling out most of my dresses – but I’m also having to learn how to dress a different body shape.

I’ve been learning how to dress this new shape, in a way that works for feeding my baby, doesn’t look mumsy (my worst nightmare), is practical given the various fluids my baby deposits on me each day (hence silk banished to the back of my wardrobe) and all this while still retaining my own style.

And my Asos coloured chinos have been my saviour!

They have a relaxed fit but the bright colour adds a bit of character (the thought of them in classic beige sends a chill down my spine!). I’ve been living in them and have them in green too.

This outfit was worn on an afternoon out with Mr W and little Laney May to Spitalfields market. I felt comfortable, had easy breast-access and everything can be chucked in the washing machine. But I didn’t feel mumsy...I felt like me, who now happens to have a baby, is a bit bigger and has to get her tits out on a regular basis!

Asos raspberry pink chinos, striped top from Oasis, grey Zara blazer, grey patent leather Clarks desert boots, heart print scarf (bought on a previous visit to Spitalfields but I can’t remember the name of the shop), hat from Urban Outfitters and the belt was a present.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lust item...of the month

Before my summer blog holiday, I featured some Topshop shoes on Edna that had taken my fancy. Amongst them were a couple of low-heeled ballet pumps that were so chic but the heart-print and red patent leather added a little bit of quirky character.

I’ve totally fallen in love with that style of shoe – they are flat enough to mean you can wear them all day long, day-in, day-out, but also the slight heel makes them feel a little more ladylike and a bit Parisian chic. I dream about wearing them with ankle-skimming trousers, or skinny jeans...or slightly modish with a shift dress.

I’ve managed to resist the urge to buy a pair (even though my lovely friend Lisa bought a pair of the heart-print ballet pumps for £10 in the Topshop sale and flaunted them in front of me!)...but I’m not sure I can resist Topshop’s latest incarnation...the Dalmatian print.
Dalmatian print heeled ballet pumps - £42

Dalmatian prints are everywhere this season...mainly because of the Topshop Unique A/W 11 Dalmatian covered collection.
I don’t think I’d go too crazy with the print and can’t imagine myself in a Dalmatian print coat...but a little on my feet would work a treat.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New season spots

Polka dots are like stripes and leopard print...never really out of fashion but every couple of seasons having their moment in the sun. Autumn/Winter 2011 seems to be one of those moments, mainly due to the amazing Marc Jacobs collection, which was spot heaven.

I love all three of these classic prints and really don’t care whether they’re in fashion or not, they look great at any time. The only benefit to any of them being back in the limelight is that there's more choice on the high street. You also see new and interesting ways to style them, such as the clashing colours and head-to-toe looks at Marc Jacobs.

Some of my favourite spots on the high street right now...

Warehouse pleated spot skirt - £25 (down from £50)

Red Herring black printed polka dot jumpsuit - £42 (featured on Gok Wan this week and looked lovely)
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