Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tattoo Underwear

You know I’m a huge fan of designer collaborations on the high street. There are so many to choose from that it really doesn’t matter if some aren’t you cup of tea – the news that Versace will be doing a range for H&M springs to mind for me – there’s always a great range somewhere that will suit your tastes.

I love the quirkiness of the designer Emma Cook but would struggle to buy her full price (or even in the sale on Asos!)

She does small collections for Topshop and the latest is a range of underwear, based around tattoo prints...and I love it.

Tattoo soft bra - £35


Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer beauty

As I’ve got further and further into my pregnancy, the pleasures of shopping for clothes and accessories have started to wane a little. I still have fashion daydreams but I’m realistically not going to crack my purse open to buy a new pair of shoes when I can barely get my swollen trotters into flip-flops!

Instead, what have remained little treats are make-up and beauty products. When I bought tickets to London Fashion Weekend back in February, I got a free bottle of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour body moisturiser...something I’d never normally buy as it seems too expensive for a body cream. I finally started using it a few weeks ago and it's gorgeous and a real indulgence when I’ve needed it most. So what if I feel swollen, hot and bothered...my skin feels soft and cared for. I love it and would honestly consider buying it...though £25 for a body cream still hurts!

A brand I find a much more affordable treat is Korres. I remember buying a tonne of Korres products from a pharmacy in Athens years ago and becoming a total convert. The products are gorgeous – all natural, organic loveliness. And although they’re not cheap, £7.50 for a shower gel feels like a little treat rather than a decision you’ve taken to shower that week rather than eat!

These are all products I want in my bathroom right now...

One of my favourite products from Korres - watermelon body scrub - £12
This is what I wanted to use today in my innumerable cold showers...39 weeks pregnant and over 30 degrees is not a happy combination! Basil lemon fresh tones shower gel - £7.50

And this is what I wanted to apply afterwards...yoghurt cooling gel - £16
Colour cherry lip gloss...in the sale and now starting at £8.40

And if you haven’t tried Korres products before, the ‘Best of Korres’ gift box is a good start to see if you like the products...and is down to £13.65 in the sale (from £17.50).

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dorothy Perkins in the sale

Rather than wasting time visiting every single shop on the high street during sales seasons, it’s always worth focusing on the shops where you've loved the stock full price. It stops you being swayed by massive reductions on clothes that you'd never have contemplated full price.

I know Dorothy Perkins isn’t hugely expensive to begin with...and wouldn’t normally be on my sales trail...but I've loved their SS11 collection so much that it’s definitely on the list for a visit.

I think if I had to choose just a couple of things to buy it would be the denim ruched dress and floral sequined boots – both of which have already featured on Edna at full price.

You do have to wade through a massive amount of clothing to find the treasures in Dorothy Perkins (their level of stock seems epic!) but it has been worth it this year...though my interest has focused on their dresses and shoes, which seem better than everything else in store.
These are my sales favourites...

Cream/pink spot peter pan dress - £10 (down from £26)

I’ve featured this on Edna before - light wash denim ruched dress - £23 (down from £32)

Ivory oranges & lemons dress - £22 (down from £40)

Navy stripe peter pan dress - £10 (down from £26)

Green leaf button back dress - £20 (down from £38)

If you can walk in these beasts, these are worth opening your purse for...mint crochet wedge sandals - £30 (down from £45)

Same with these...I’m in awe if you can walk in them! Blue floral platform shoes - £17 (down from £40)

Pink plait sandals - £12 (down from £23)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday Edna!

It’s my one year blog birthday! Edna is a year old! It was always a big goal to reach a year – so often I start something and it fizzles out after a few months. I’ve been determined to blog for at least a year and prove to myself that I have staying power on something that I love.

I think if I wasn’t heavily pregnant, I’d be tempted to go out and treat myself to something to celebrate. But I’m at the stage of pregnancy when most clothes feel pretty uncomfortable, all shoes are too small and generally I think just sitting in a kaftan, wafting around at home is the most I’m capable of! So I’m treating myself to a tub of ice cream instead!

I was looking on the Debenhams website last night, buying towels rather than anything exciting, and saw that they have an amazing sale on right now. I love the designers range at Debenhams, particularly the new ‘Edition’ range. There are some serious bargains to be had and if I was shopping, these are some of the treats I’d be thinking of buying.

Jonathan Saunders/Edition yellow and beige sequin dress - £12 (down from £40)…the ‘beige’ description doesn’t really do it any favours but it’s lovely.

H! by Henry Holland beige zebra spot top - £17.50 (down from £25)

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson baby’s pink embellished medallion dress - £9.80. Fashion is fashion and this is a gorgeous dress…which I almost bought for my unborn daughter last night!

And they have my grey jersey dress from the Preen/Edition range now at a bargain £13.50, down from £45!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Blog Silence!

I'm sorry for the blog silence. I'm in the final throws of work before heading on maternity leave (this is my last week) and I barely have time to breathe! I'm literally working and sleeping...and worryingly hardly having a second to think about fashion...not healthy!

I'm hoping to be sane and fashion-focused again after Friday and promise to get Edna back on track.

In the meantime, it's summer sales season and there are lots of bargains to be had. This isn't cheap but at half price it's a great reduction...and the clashing combination of stripes and polka dots...and a dress with a collar...means that I have totally fallen in love.

Just blogging about this dress has made me feel a little saner! Wish me luck for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer dressing inspiration

I've blogged before about Club Monaco and my weakness for the brand every time I've been to the USA or Canada. Chic, understated clothing, that's great quality, but has interesting detailing that stops it being too classic and safe. Everything I've ever bought from Club Monaco has become a treasured item in my wardrobe.

It was like my shopping prayers had been answered earlier this year when Browns Fashion started selling Club Monaco clothing...the only shop in the UK where you can buy it. However, I think my poor mathematical skills have always shielded me from the full brunt of the pricing as it seems a lot more expensive in pounds than dollars! Either it is more expensive in the UK or I have zero ability to convert currencies!!

Still, as I am not buying any clothing at the moment, I'm admiring from afar and taking inspiration from Club Monaco's SS11 lookbook. The outfits look fresh and light and everything I want from summer dressing (though possibly longer shorts!).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dreaming of a waistline for H&M skirt!

I’m having a bit of an early lust item of the week because if I don’t write about this skirt and get at least some of it out of my system, I have a fear I’m going to just end up buying it tomorrow!

I spotted this skirt in the window of H&M a few weeks ago and saw it up close this week. It is love.

H&M batik print skirt - £29.99

I wouldn’t even be able to get into it at the moment and would need to save it for when I have a waistline again. But even that level of delayed gratification hasn't put me off buying it!

It’s part of their new ‘Water Aid’ collection, where they give £5 from every sale to the WaterAid charity...so you can almost convince yourself that you’re actually not just consuming for your own benefit but for the good of others too!

I don’t mean to mock – it’s a great initiative – I’m more just mocking myself for even allowing the charity angle to come into play when buying a skirt.

I know the print isn’t tie-dye but it does have the air about it, which is something I love...and have totally blocked all memories of wearing tie-dye in my hippy phase as a teenager and instead now equate with something much more grown-up and elegant (as I blogged about here). A little boho-luxe!

I’d wear this skirt with a t-shirt tucked in...though nothing too plain and matchy-matchy. Possibly one of these...

Pins & Needles Breton top - £28

And just to add a spring to my step, I’d have these little beauties on my feet.
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