Friday, 3 February 2012

Eighties style crushes

I watched When Harry Met Sally recently for the umpteenth time. I mentioned to Mr W how much I used to love her style and try and copy it. The baggy trousers, fitted jacket, slouchy bag and hat.

Looking back, I’m not sure trying to dress like a woman who was 15-20 years older than I was at the time was necessarily a route to a good teenage look! I also had very little choice in the shops I could visit, as there was bugger all around me, so thinking back god only knows what sort of homage to the look I managed to cobble together!

Anyway, Mr W laughed at me and pointed out that clearly I still subconsciously embraced the ‘Sally’ look as I still dress like it. And I realised he was right...

I thought I was referencing the cooler Annie Hall look but clearly not...over twenty years later I’m still influenced by When Harry Met Sally!

Thinking back to early fashion influences, I remembered being in awe of Magenta Devine on the early ‘Rough Guide’ travel series in the eighties/nineties. I’ve been trying to find photos of her but without much took a bit of google research just to find her name!

This is the best I could find...

And this clip from a Rough Guide to Bali - she appears intermittently, if you can be bothered to sit through it all.

She was constantly in sunglasses and had a cool, black, angular haircut. I remember her in lots of monochrome and stripes and just dripping in style...and sitting in my kitchen in mid-Wales (in my weird baggy trousered ensemble!) watching her and wishing I could be like her.

I’m not sure whether the fact that I wear lots of stripes and black could in all honesty be considered a throwback to her influence, but it was interesting to remember these early fashion crushes, which I’d forgotten about.

Can you remember yours? It’s so easy these days to reel off names but I loved thinking back to who stood out for me when I was a bit of a clueless teenager...and the likes of Alexa Chung and the Olsens were barely out of babygrows.

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