Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bluezoo for Babies

Sorry for the silence over the past couple of weeks. Turns out looking after a baby is pretty exhausting and time-consuming!

And so much of any spare time I have at the moment is now spent researching Christmas presents. I cannot tell you how excited I am about Christmas this year. I can barely contain myself most years...so Laney May’s first Christmas is making me almost faint with excitement!

I thought I’d blog a photo of Laney May and I on a recent outing. We sampled a bit of culture...Laney May saw her first Rembrandt...though she was far more interested in eating my hand!

I still feel a bit weird about posting photos of my little baby on the internet...probably just new mum paranoia...but I felt ok with this one.

My outfit consists of Asos coloured chinos, Zara grey blazer, Henry Holland for Debenhams star print shirt, black Sonia Rykiel for H&M gilet and Urban Outfitters hat.

Laney May is wearing a hand-knitted sweater with hood and pom-pom ears, made by one of her lovely grandmothers (thanks mum!). She already has a knitwear collection that makes me green with envy!

Her dress, which you can just see, is from a brilliant range at Debenhams called Bluezoo and comes with matching leggings, which she isn’t wearing (the tights are lovely brown cable-knit ones from H&M).

I keep saying I’m not going to turn Edna into a baby blog but given I have a little one who is taking up quite a bit of my time, I figure it’s ok if she sneaks onto Edna once in a while! So, here is my round-up of my favourite pieces from the Bluezoo range. It really does have great pieces, which are cute but also stylish and original and don’t look too ‘baby girl in her baby pink glory’!

Having said that about pink, I’m not averse to a sprinkling of pink in Laney May’s wardrobe! Pink dress & striped top - £9.10-£9.80 (down from £13-£14)

Orange top & denim dress - £14.40-£15.30 (down from £16-£17)

Blue birdie dress set (15.30-£16.20 (down from £17-£18)

Pink flower dress & white top set - £14.40-£15.30 (from £16-£17)

Orange rabbit print knit dress - £11.40-£12 (down from £19-£20) – possibly going to end up under the Christmas tree this year!

And a bit of festive kitsch if you fancy dressing up your little one for the festive season but would rather avoid the santa/elf/reindeer outfits! Cream and red deer dress - £13.30-£14 (down from £19-£20)

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