Sunday, 6 November 2011

Finally Shopping Cos Online

One of my favourite stores has recently entered the wonderful world of online retail. For so long Cos had a rather arty website, where you could just about see some of the clothes being sold in store that season, but there wasn’t any chance of making a purchase. Which was a bit of a shame given it has such a limited high street presence unless you lived in London, Cos was inaccessible (in the UK at least).

And the fashionable delights you've been missing!

I love Cos mainly for work wear...but work wear for when I want to try and look like a chic, uber-professional businesswoman...who deserves a promotion!

The clothes can be deceptively simple and the colour palettes are often neutral – lots of black, navy, grey and camel – but the detailing makes them move from classic to chic and modern. They do a great exposed zip, lots of draping, mixing fabrics like wool and leather in one piece, interesting cuts and it’s all really great quality for the high street at very reasonable prices. These aren’t clothes that are going to fall to pieces after a few wears...or that you will tire of because they’re so of the moment. They’re clothes that you’ll wear season-in, season-out and look much more expensive than they actually are.

If you haven’t been able to shop at Cos before, seriously visit it online.

These are some of my favourite pieces...though I did realise that I was saving huge numbers of pieces for the blog as I could happily buy most of their stock!

Leather sleeve cardigan - €125 (I think my favourite piece)



  1. Oh dear... I think you may have just sparked another shopping frenzy. I love all these pieces, particularly that cross over v neck dress.

  2. I adore is such a great shop and refreshing that it's not catering to the teen/early twenties market, like the vast majority of the high street!


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