Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tee Time

I don’t wear t-shirts very often...I’ve always been much more of a shirt/blouse wearer. But now and again I do love wearing a particular type of t-shirt, ones that are lightweight cotton and loose fitting - and never worn as just ‘jeans and a t-shirt’.

I love this look from the upcoming Marni for H&M range (on sale from 8th March...not sure I'll be able to keep my purse locked away).

A quirky print t-shirt worn with a skirt suit is exactly the sort of way I like to wear t-shirts...though possibly not with knee-high socks!

I like the contrast of wearing a t-shirt with something a little more dressed up, otherwise I feel scruffy and a bit like an overgrown, slightly haggard-looking teenager.

Other than this Marni for H&M t-shirt – which I’m tempted to buy when it goes on sale next week - I also have my eye on an Emma Cook t-shirt for Topshop, part of its ‘NewGen’ range of t-shirts, designed by designers who have been previous recipients of Topshop’s NewGen scheme.

Emma Cook deer print t-shirt - £30

I’m also partial to these two...

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