Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stylish cast-offs

One of the benefits of having stylish friends is that now and again you become the grateful recipient of cast-offs. I've admired and jealously coveted my friend Lisa's spotty coat from Ted Baker since she bought it years and years ago. It's the sort of coat that once made Gok Wan holler in the street to tell her how great she looked in it.

One day, a month or so ago, lovely Lisa came to my flat bearing a gift. The coat had run its course in her life and she was ready to give it to a new home. That home was mine.

I've been skipping around in it ever since...though the glorious London sunshine has admittedly put the brakes on it a little. I've toughed it out a few days, sweltering away in my winter coat, but for now it's hanging in my wardrobe waiting to brighten up another grey day!

Under the coat I wore a blue (much need elasticated waist)
skirt from American Apparel, grey sequined sweatshirt from
Primark, my Copenhagen boots & bag from Zara.

I love the contrast of a really dressed down grey sweatshirt
with dressed up sequins. Perfect daytime sequins!

Always room for some leopard print in an outfit!

p.s. I promise I didn't paint my nails to match my skirt!! The colour was a hangover from a night out, when I got massively excited about going out on a Friday night and painted my nails for the first time since having Laney May last July!

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