Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Leopard print in the office

Mr W finally got the camera out last week...so here are some long promised outfit shots.

I went to Beijing recently with work...my first trip away from Laney May and my first business trip in a long time.

I faffed around for a long time beforehand trying to decide what to wear! I'm definitely out of practice and couldn't decide what would be smart enough but still retain a sense of me and my style.

Mr W had to intervene when I tried to pair a leopard print dress with some rubber, multi-strap, bubble gum scented (!) Vivienne Westwood for Melissa high, high heels. I think he may have had a point when he said they didn't quite convey the 'should be taken seriously businesswoman' look I was aiming for!

But it can be tough to get the balance right. I really don't want to go down the route of neutral skirt suit with dull accessories.

Eventually, I opted for a simple navy dress, bought recently in a Cos sale, teamed with slightly heeled leopard print ballet pumps and some chunky jewellery from Lola Rose.

So serious, classic navy, with a chic shoe style but the print gives it all a bit more character.

My gorgeous Topshop sale leopard print
ballet pumps...I think bought for around £20!

Chunky Lola Rose ring, which I seem to wear almost every day

And I also opted for yet more leopard print, with this Twiggy for M&S blue and grey leopard print dress (featured on Edna when I was gearing up to going back to work).

I know I'm probably the wrong demographic for the Twiggy range but I'm definitely of the opinion of shopping everywhere and anywhere and buying what you love and what suits you. And I love this dress! The colours tone down the leopard print, along with the on-the-knee length, and make it a little more sedate and serious meeting appropriate.

I again wore it with the chunky Lola Rose jewellery. And in this photo I am wearing the dress with my beloved, new black wedge multi-strap sandals from Clarks (again which have made an appearance on Edna already). For my Beijing meetings, I opted for some navy, multi-texture, high heeled Mary Jane shoes instead...a bit more toned down!

My new, beloved strappy wedge sandals from Clarks

Do you wear leopard print at work? How do you wear it to keep it professional and suitable for the office?

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