Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Goodbye summer, hello new shoes

New season shoes have been entering the shops, I think as they give up on the idea that we'll actually have a summer and pack away the sandals.

These are some of my favourites in the shops right now...as usual, there seems to be a lot of studding, glitter and animal print amongst them.

Aldo Rise Preen Giffee shoes – £67.50 (down from £135)

River Island red platform ankle boots - £85 (which I love but would never be able to walk in)

F Troupe tiger print wedges – £58 (down from £145)

Asos Hello heeled sandals - £50 – possibly the best party shoes ever! Not that I'd make it to a party in them without paying for a driver to take me there...but just looking at them makes me want to go to one!

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