Monday, 29 October 2012

Leather skirts on the high street

After blogging about leather skirts a few weeks ago, I spotted an absolute beauty from Massimo Dutti in a magazine. It was black, knee length and quilted – an air of Chanel about it. I was already doing the run through of what it would go with and how I’d wear it for work...and putting it on my January sales watch.

I thought I’d feature it on Edna as part of a ‘my top five favourite leather skirts’...only I can’t find it on Massimo Dutti and can’t remember which magazine I spotted it in. So I’ve been thwarted! I may have to drop in store and see if I can see it in the flesh and will report back.

But in the meantime, these are my other high street favourites.

Zara leather effect rubberised skirt - £39.99
(not officially leather but still lovely)

Mango leather pencil skirt - £79.99

Asos Premium skirt in pleated leather - £90

M&S oxblood leather skirt - £109


Preen/Edition black leather panelled skirt - £140

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