Monday, 22 October 2012

Minnie Mouse jewellery

So far, I seem to be sticking to my 'no shopping until January' pledge with relative ease (admittedly Mr W has purchased me a dress over the past month, which has probably helped!). But there are times, such as today, when I spot something I've been lusting after for quite some time and it's now in the sale and my new austere ways chafe just a little!

Minnie ears necklace - £35 (down from £50)

This Minnie Mawi for Disney Couture necklace is part of a range of Minnie Mouse inspired jewellery from the glorious costume jewellery designer, Mawi.

I've lusted after this for a while and now it's in the sale, it's very difficult to keep my purse shut. I love pretty much everything in this range though - the small stud earrings are a close second to this necklace. Fingers crossed there'll still be a few pieces left come January!

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