Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bumping into Viv & Christmas shopping

I hope you're all having a great festive season. I love this time of year. Love it. Mr W said this week he thinks I'm having my own personal mini-festive festival! I've been out trying to enjoy all the wonderful things in London at this time of year - including going to the theatre this week, where I happened to be having a pre-play drink and Vivienne Westwood strolled in and stood next to me. I could have fainted! This isn't just name dropping - regular Edna readers will know that for me this is being in the vicinity of my fashion god. You'll be reassured to know I played it cool and didn't (a) hug her (b) cry, or (c) have an excitable wee!

Anyway, other than bumping into Viv, December is also full of Christmas shopping. I've almost finished mine - still some final bits and pieces but I feel reasonably calm about it all.

If you're still struggling for ideas, here are some little treasures. Sorry, ideas are only for women and little - fend for yourselves!

Emma Cook deer print pyjamas - £38

Prestat sea salt caramel truffles - £10.75

Asos Story heels - £40

Tatty Devine fox brooch - £35

Yellow patent leather scallop satchel - £66.88
(a bargain considering it's handmade, to order!)

REN Moroccan rose experience gift set - £32

Zara ballerina studded shoes - £59.99

The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook - £14

Dahlia navy double collar blouse
with sequin detail
- £62

Agent Provocateur seam & heel
stretch hold-up
- £25

Lulu Frost for Whistles Sandra earrings - £70

Hobbs NW3 Mr Duck shirt - £69

Minnie Boden appliqué pinnie - £24

Rosie’s Magic Horse - £9.09

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