Friday, 2 September 2011

Blog Holiday Comes to an End

I always get that back to school feeling when September comes around, no matter how old I get. A change of season, a bit of a new start, cracking open the new anything...including clothes!

With the new season, I thought it was a good time to bring to an end my blog holiday and start What Would Edna Say again.

The arrival of my lovely daughter Laney May seven weeks ago means a lot of changes to my life...including limited time and energy to not only blog but even to think about fashion.

But I do have some time for fashion thoughts!
I realised I was finally recovering from my (horrific!) labour and various complications when I picked up a fashion magazine again, put on some mascara...and started to give a bit more thought to the clothes I was putting on my back! Tracksuit bottoms are, for me, a sign that all is not well emotionally!
Just before Laney May was born, a good friend suggested that if I was planning to breast-feed, it would be a good idea to look through my wardrobe and see what allowed easy access. She knows how much I love dresses and that they could pose a problem if I was attempting to discreetly get a breast out in public!
It turns out that breast-feeding has had more of an impact on my wardrobe than my pregnancy ever did. I’ve started to wear far more separates and also, like most women who don’t have much time to get ready, have been relying on jeans a lot. I’ve even bought maternity jeans for the first time so that I have a more forgiving waistband (I'm still sore from my c-section and have extra pregnancy pounds that will at some point be shed!).

So I thought I’d end my blog holiday with some photos of me wearing a pair of my new maternity jeans and embracing the world of separates on a trip out for lunch (where through a bad choice of seating in a gorgeous café called Lavish Habit I seemed to be breast-feeding in full view of a busy intersection...nothing like easing myself into it!).

Asos maternity jeans, Topshop striped top, Zara jacket (bought for a bargain £10), heart print scarf from a shop in Spitalfields market, and a Lin & Leo nappy bag.

Small Primark bag (which I think has a whiff of Chanel about it

Cath Kidson wedge espadrilles

The accommodating waistband!


  1. looking stylish as ever! love the jacket.

  2. welcome back :)
    You're looking great, I actually really like the nappy bag (great colour, good sized pockets)... is that wrong?

  3. The reason I loved the nappy bag is because it doesn't look like a nappy I think it's great that you love it as well! It's also about the size of my normal handbags anyway...I lug a lot of stuff around with me! x


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