Monday, 26 September 2011

A mini treat from Vivienne Westwood

My 10 week old daughter already owns a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes. I don't even have a pair, so the decision to get her some before me chaffed a little! But when I saw this pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa mini shoes...and that they were in the sale on Hervia, down from £60 to £18, I couldn't resist buying them for her.

She'll have to wait until she's about 18 months old before they'll fit her...but it'll be worth the wait to see her looking very cute in them.

I'd hoped to post a link to where you can buy them on Hervia but they don't seem to be on sale any more, even at full price. This link shows the range of shoes that were on sale over the past year.

I promise my Edna blog won't become totally dominated by baby attire...but as I have had a baby, a bit more will start to slip in...though I'll try to make sure it's stylish and not awash with baby pink!

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