Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blog Holiday

I thought I should explain my blog silence Edna readers. I've had my baby! She was born on Wednesday 13th July and it was all a bit eventful and we have been in hospital for a week. We're home now but obviously in the thick of looking after a new baby and days are just disappearing and my fashion choices are restricted to whether to change out of my bathrobe into leggings and a t-shirt! 

I will return to my Edna blog at some point in the summer...but it may be a few weeks or a month or so before I have any fashion musings at all!

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog over the past year...and hopefully see you again in a few weeks time!



  1. Many many congratulations to you three...

  2. Katie, good idea to take some time out to enjoy just being the 3 of you... maybe your first blog could be about the gorgeous designer high street baby clothes available :-).

    Tons of love to you all xxxx


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