Saturday, 8 October 2011

New season spots

Polka dots are like stripes and leopard print...never really out of fashion but every couple of seasons having their moment in the sun. Autumn/Winter 2011 seems to be one of those moments, mainly due to the amazing Marc Jacobs collection, which was spot heaven.

I love all three of these classic prints and really don’t care whether they’re in fashion or not, they look great at any time. The only benefit to any of them being back in the limelight is that there's more choice on the high street. You also see new and interesting ways to style them, such as the clashing colours and head-to-toe looks at Marc Jacobs.

Some of my favourite spots on the high street right now...

Warehouse pleated spot skirt - £25 (down from £50)

Red Herring black printed polka dot jumpsuit - £42 (featured on Gok Wan this week and looked lovely)

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