Thursday, 7 July 2011

Topshop shoes temptations!

If you don’t want any temptation to spend money, then don’t read today’s blog...

Otherwise get ready to crack open your purse because Topshop have the most incredible collection of shoes in store at the moment.

I’ve already given myself a firm talking to this morning so that I don’t buy the heart print ballet pumps and gold heeled ankle boots!
I love the primness of the heeled ballet pumps and think they'd look great with ankle skimming trousers or jeans. And the gold heeled ankle boots will work come the long winter months with dresses and skirts, toughening them up...with just a hint of disco!



  1. You warned me and I read on anyway... I now have serious shoe lust!

  2. shoe envy.. now have a few of them on my wishlist now! x

  3. i bought the heart print pumps in the sale - £12!!


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