Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Back to Work

I know I haven't blogged for a while...I'm now two and a half weeks away from returning to work and have been enjoying the last of my maternity leave. I have such mixed emotions about going back and leaving my little girl in a nursery...and I seem to be dealing with it by trying not to think about it!

On a superficial level, what I've been able to think about is what I'm going to wear to work. As much as I've tried not to descend into tracksuits or a uniform of jeans and a top whilst on maternity leave, my day-to-day wardrobe is obviously very different to what I'd wear to the office every day. I don't tend to get vomited on that regularly in the office or have to crawl around on the floor!

So now that I'll be back in an office three days a week, I've been musing on what I'd like to wear...or at least what would freshen up my wardrobe and suit me. I have very little budget to spend, so most of this is just daydreaming...though I've made one little purchase just to cheer myself up when I go back to work...

I'm picturing myself in these with a blouse, blazer and a pair of (comfortable!) heels.

I also have my eye on all of these...

Clarks sandals - £54.99

Autograph Open Front Jacket - £59 (this jacket feels a bit Mary Portas...a pair of skinny trousers and statement necklace would work a treat!)

Autograph leather front pocket shopper bag - £79 (a bit more of a luxe alternative to my endless, slightly grubby canvas shoppers that hold my handbag overspill)

Cos print front jersey top - £49

And my 'love them but would never, ever buy at full price' lust item at the moment are these little leopard print beauties from F £145

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