Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Diverting pencil skirts

I’m in my last week of maternity leave. I can no longer hide from the fact that this time next week I’ll once again join the throngs of commuters and be back in an office.

Aside from having an emotional meltdown about leaving my baby girl in a nursery and feeling so stressed I can barely breathe, I’m still trying to divert myself by thinking about my work wardrobe. I’m not sure it’s actually working but it’s at least helped for the past hour as I’ve been looking at my favourite patterned pencil skirts!

I think the key with any pencil skirt is fit – it’s just not flattering to have the straining creases across the front of the skirt that goes with one a little on the tight side. And if you’re a classic pear shape, then it can be difficult to get the waist and hips to both fit. I’ve found this style of skirt often works better for me if the waistband sits a little lower down nearer to hip level, so that it tends to fit my hips without gaping at the waistband.

I love the idea of updating a classic pencil skirt by wearing it with a bold print. They’d work well with something simple on the top – a white shirt, loose, draped t-shirt or a silk tank top, all tucked in.

I was going to say my favourites are the two from Cos but the insect print one from Asos is up there too.

I saw this Cos skirt in store in a mint green with black mesh overlay, which I loved...but it only seems to be available in grey on the website. Cos straight mesh skirt - £49

M&S Limited Collection palm leaf print skirt, which is now down to £15 but only available in sizes 6 and 8

And a bit out of my price range but I love this print skirt from Anthropologie - £98


  1. They're all lovely, but the first Cos one has that something special...

  2. I know...I love that skirt. Very tempted to treat myself!


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