Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lust item of June

Since having Laney May and breast-feeding for so many months, my wardrobe has definitely moved away from the dress monopoly and I'm much more likely to wear separates. Even now when I don't need to have ready access to my breasts (!), I haven't automatically fallen back into my daily dress routine.

And my new fashion love affair is with blouses. Whereas I used to always look at dresses first, I find myself now gravitating towards gorgeous, light-weight, printed blouses...such as this silk shirt from Oasis, my lust item of June.

Oasis silk scarf shirt - £60

It's not too girly and whimsy - I think the dark panelling stops it being too pretty and balances out the light-weight, silk fabric. It would be perfect with skinny trousers for a summer day in the office.

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