Thursday, 21 March 2013

In honour of Bowie

In a staggering feat of self-control, I avoided Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo and didn't buy a thing. Nowt. God knows how I managed that. I'd got a list last night. This morning I gave myself a stern, bank manager style talking to and decided I didn't need/couldn't really afford any of it. And so here we are this evening, bereft of Birtwell but feeling ok.

I haven't done one for a while but how's this little beauty for a lust item of the month.

Ginger dog t-shirt - £45
Black Score by Simeon Farrar exclusive to Asos

In honour of the Bowie exhibition which has opened at the V&A this week and which I will not feel ok if I miss!

Skinny jeans, a blazer and cute, quirky t-shirt. Come on spring, I'm ready for you.

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