Monday, 4 March 2013

A treat from Kat&Bee

It was my birthday yesterday...I've tipped into an age when I'm now nearer to 40 than 30. I seem to be coping with the transition, other than a permanent state of heartburn! This could just be a coincidence.

Birthdays also mean presents. I was very spoilt and got lots of lovely pressies...including being given birthday money to spend at London Fashion Weekend. And this is one of the birthday treats I bought from there...

A skull ring from the jewellery designer Kat&Bee. I blogged a few years ago about this designer and the gorgeous handmade pieces. No two items are the same - they're all individually made, so all slightly different. 

Skull jewellery can look a little passe these days - every high street store was filled with the stuff over the past few years. But I think if it's something you really love and it fits your style - I love the contrast of skull jewellery with something much prettier - then I don't think it matters that it was so in fashion and has fallen out a bit. It's all about knowing your style.

I've coveted one of these rings for some time, so seeing them on offer at London Fashion Weekend for £65 down from £165 was amazing. I spent an age trying them on before finally going for this one. I loved the mixture of gold, with the silver skull and cobalt blue flower. And although there were rings with a subtler use of skulls, I figured if I was going to make a purchase I should make sure I went for a full-on statement piece.

I've looked on the Kat&Bee site and think this is the ring I I did get a massive bargain. 

And, on top of all this, I chatted to the designer Kat Barry and she's absolutely lovely too!

Happy birthday me!

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