Monday, 25 March 2013

Star print jeans - to buy or not to buy?

I spotted these the other day and had one of those reactions when you think you love something but it's tinged with this unsettling feeling that they may actually be revolting...

Only star print skinny jeans

I made the mistake of consulting Mr W on them and he made a few disinterested comments, one of which sounded - alarmingly - like questioning whether patterned jeans would suit my thighs! The conversation was cut very short after this!

If you lived through the eighties, you are quite naturally wary of patterned jeans. We've seen the best and worst of times. I hope my sister won't mind me sharing her worst of times...a pair of jeans with the Flintstones printed on them. And I actually coveted them.

I know I wouldn't wear jeans with a pair of heeled court shoes, as these have been styled on the Asos website. But I did start to think how would I style them and this is what I think I'd wear...

Cos silk back cotton top - £59

Nike dunk sky high trainers in teal - £85

Made Enzara pendant - £35

Biba Gretal leather shoulder bag - £95.40 (down from £159)

So I think they're definitely now on the 'watch and have a think' list. What do you think? Have you braved patterned jeans yet?


  1. Buy!!! Love them KT but would go super plain with top, shoes and accesssories too, make the jeans the show stopper so to speak!!

  2. I can picture a summer outfit of them with flat sandals and a plain grey t-shirt. Love them. Hoping they would be in the Asos sale but alas, not yet. However, I've also realised that Laney May has a star-print pair of grey I am possibly now taking my style inspiration from my toddler! Not sure this is a good thing!


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