Monday, 22 April 2013

Two Nights in Exeter

Mr W and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last week...and the ten year anniversary of our first meeting. Neither of us tend to be 'Mr & Mrs Wine & Roses' but it was a special anniversary, so we arranged to celebrate it on our first weekend away together since Laney May was born. She happily toddled off to her grandparents for the weekend and I don't think even noticed our absence!

We headed to Exeter for two nights. Neither of us had been before and we wanted to do a city break, somewhere new, but not travel too far. I'm not going to be an Exeter tourist guide or ramble too much, other than to say it was delightful! We stayed in a gorgeous hotel called The Magdalen Chapter - I don't have a bad word to say about it. It wasn't cheap but I think it's great value for money.

And I discovered one of the best vintage shops EVER in Relevant by Lady Lace. An amazing selection, a really beautiful shop, 1940s music playing in the background, and really good pricing. It was divine. I bought a dress, a matching blouse and skirt (shown here) and a coat...and that was showing restraint!

I'll do another post soon on the coat. It's a good 'un!

But this is our first full day in the Exeter sunshine...I'm wearing what Mr W calls my 'clown coat'. He's not a fan.

My 'clown coat' is from Sara Berman, bought once for a
massive discount at London Fashion Weekend.

Holding my new coat from Relevant by Lady Lace...wrapped in brown
paper & string. I spent the day in my amazingly comfortable
Yarra boots from Clarks Originals.

The turquoise skirt is a recent purchase from Vintage Hart
(in Crystal Palace). It's vintage St Michael from M&S...
which I love! The black & white polka dot blouse is from Zara.

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