Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New life into an old Gap dress

Another day, another hand-me-down. This time a navy and black Gap dress from my lovely big sister. It's a perfect length for work and although it's sleeveless - and I know lots of women aren't fans of sleeveless dresses - a blouse and cardigan solves that issue!

A marginally warmer day meant the woollen coat was ditched in
favour of a Miss Selfridge mac, though I still couldn't risk
a scarfless day! (this one from the Barbara Hulanicki
range for Topshop)

A close-up!

The blouse is actually white with a black studded collar &
cuffs...bought for £8 in a charity shop that was selling new
but slightly faulty clothes from the gorgeous brand
Dahlia. The only fault I can spot is that some of the
studding isn't exactly the same distance apart...&
that's it! Full price the blouse was £58!

My trusty Topshop ballet pumps

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