Thursday, 9 May 2013

Zara shoes - too many to resist!

Today a colleague, rather cruelly, showed me a feature she'd spotted in a magazine on the amazing shoes in Zara for under £30. Cruel, because she knows I'm trying to restrain my urge to shop and that my will-power is teetering on the edge! I took a deep breath and looked on the Zara website...

Spring/Summer 2013 is a triumph in the Zara shoe department. Heels, platforms, wedges, flats, sandals, all a joy to behold. These are my top ten - alas, not all under £30 but still all reasonable prices.

If I could walk in heels, these would be the heels
I'd be walking in all summer long - £59.99.

With these a close second. They're incredible.
Ankle-breaking but incredible! £69.99

More likely to be on my feet - £39.99

Patent sandals with ankle straps - £69.99

Perfect heel height and love the open-toes - £39.99

High heel court shoe with ankle strap...for £29.99!
I know, ludicrously cheap!

It's impossible for me to not include an animal print!

I love this colour...though was considering this for my front door.
Not sure that's a good reason to buy a shoe?! £59.99

Neon sandal - £22.99

Sorry, more green! Sandals - £22.99


  1. OMG The red animal print.... my office is less than a 2min walk to Zara... how am I going to resist these now?! *deep breathing*

  2. That's dangerously close! Almost impossible to resist! Let me know if you give in...and send a photo!


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