Friday, 18 January 2013

End of sales round-up

I admit I've become a little obsessed with sales shopping. I think it's perhaps the drought of the last few months - once I gave myself permission to actually buy something, the floodgates opened and I felt on a shopping high! Most of the time, this has taken the form of just endless rooting around websites. Not much actual buying - just researching and planning and trying to justify opening my purse.

I was coveting this handbag from Lulu Guinness but it never quite reduced by enough and then it sold out. So in the end, some money I'd been saving towards it was used to buy shelving for our lounge instead. Reality has a habit of invading my shopping fantasies!

Anyway, I did buy the boots from Clarks shown below. They're amazing. They look great with dresses and, as someone with a few issues with my feet (swelling on nerves!), these are incredibly comfortable. I thoroughly recommend them.

So these are my end of the sales season picks. My purse is closed (I think), so I'm simply sharing them with you, rather than planning to buy...

Have you had any major sales bargains??

Mary Portas cabbage rose shift dress - £39 (down from £160)

Clarks grey suede yarra desert boots - £39 (down from £99)

Lulu Guinness pink pave lips/lipstick necklace - £25.50 (down from £85)

Jaeger Boutique Rosemund spot jacket - £49 (down from £180)

Owl face jumper by Emma Cook for Topshop - £25 (down from £40)

Reiss navy zip through dress - £47 (down from £159)

Dahlia khaki embellished collar blouse - £25 (down from £58)

And, in my shopping dreams, Orla Kiely sparkle boat neck dress - £167.50 (down from £335)

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