Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Workwear uniform courtesy of Mary Portas

Finally I've managed to rope Mr W into taking a few outfit photos. It seems to be a logistical feat to get us in the same building together, at a reasonable hour, with me in something other than my scuzzy 'indoor' clothes (i.e. anything worn out, ill-fitting and generally quite knackered which I seem to have taken to wearing in the house!). Either that or I'm in my pyjamas.

It only takes about ten minutes of being at home before I've had something spilled on me by my 18 month old, so I've resigned myself to letting style standards nosedive a little at home. Mr W is thrilled, as you can imagine!

Anyway, with that rambling preamble, here are the outfit shots...

Taken yesterday, I wore one of my Mary Portas for House of Fraser dresses, which I love. I cannot recommend her range enough. I've bought four dresses, two pairs of trousers, a skirt and a top...oh, and a pair of shoes too. All of it has been bought in sales seasons and has been massively reduced. In the January sales, I bought two dresses (which will feature on Edna one day) both of which were reduced from £115 to £34.50. Bargain. Mary Portas dresses are slowly starting to become a work uniform for me.

If you do get a chance, I'd really recommend visiting a Mary Portas department at a House of Fraser. The customer service is joyful - and anywhere where they give you a cup of coffee while you try clothes on is a win with me!

Primark hat, a present from my lovely sister and not off
my head all winter. Mini snood made by my very talented mum.
And Kenneth Cole handbag.

Nicola de Main jacket bought a few years back on a particularly
spontaneous Friday night shopping trip at pop-up Swanfield on
tour boutique
. I even had to leave the store, find a cash-point
and go back & pay for the jacket as they didn't take cards.
Clearly it was love at first sight!

Orange lipstick, nail polish, ring and hair may have been overkill?!

My Clarks Yarra desert boots (now £39 in the sale)...
as comfortable as a pair of slippers

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