Thursday, 31 January 2013

Exciting news from Clarks

Another day, another blog about Clarks. I'm getting to a point where I think my blog could just be renamed 'what can I buy in Clarks?'!

No one I ever speak to seems to bother shopping in Clarks (other than my sister - we share a Clarks habit) because it just has a reputation of sensible, slightly frumpy shoes. This is such an out-of-date image...and look what you're missing.

Eley Kishimoto for Clarks! I shit you not. Can you believe it?! My sister texted me today and I could actually sense the borderline hysteria in her message. We are excited.

It doesn't go on sale until 1 March, so set yourself a reminder. I also think they're doing waiting lists...but that's a step too far for me!

Ancient Eley in orange - £69.99

Desert boot in orange geometric print - £89.00

Scent Eley in white combi - £79.99

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