Friday, 25 January 2013

Peter Jensen cat print & soldiers

We’ve now into the dregs of the sales season. Even I’m getting a bit fed-up of the red signs and slightly tattered wears.

So onto all things new!

I spotted these in a magazine a few weeks ago. Danish designer Peter Jensen has produced a teeny tiny range for the ethical clothing brand People Tree. It features two designs - the cat print, which I love, and the soldier print, which I’m not so sure about. I think there’s a risk that it could look like you’ve bought your frock from the gift shop at Buckingham Palace. The t-shirt could be ok – but you’d have to think very carefully about styling...‘London tourist’ isn’t a great look!

Peter Jensen soldier print tee - £45

My favourite is this dress – I love the fusion of the quirky print with the really simply, flattering cut.

Peter Jensen cat dress - £68

But I'd also be tempted to buy these…

Peter Jensen cat print tee – £45

Peter Jensen cat print fleece sweatshirt - £65

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