Thursday, 24 June 2010

Acorns & Toadstools

The loveliest jewellery collection on the high street right now…by a mile… NW3 from Hobbs.

Toadstools and acorns and raspberries and
doves…aaahhhh…I want it all!

There is a sale on at the moment and some of the items are reduced…but my
willpower is managing to prevail!

The clothes from the NW3 range are also lovely (with the odd frumpy disaster throw
n in too!). It looks awful on the website…really not presented that well and when I look at them online I would never, ever buy any of it. But in the flesh, it’s actually really well made, classic with quirky details and can be styled well to work with clothes you already have.

I think the accessories are still better than the clothes (particularly the shoes) but for the occasional item of good quality work wear, I would definitely be tempted to buy something from NW3.

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