Monday, 28 June 2010

Uniqlo – Designer Basics

I love Uniqlo. It is the place to shop for basics. I buy all the clothes I wear to the gym from there – plain black tracksuit bottoms, black ribbed vests, around £12 for both (I’m not a fan of massively logo’d sportswear!). It helps service my addiction to stripy tops by having an endless supply. And my favourites are the v-neck t-shirts in really fine cotton, which I buy a size too big so that they are a little drapey and more dressed up than a skin-tight t-shirt.

Something else I love at Uniqlo is their ‘Designer Innovation Project’ which they have each year. In previous years I have bought an Alexander Wang-collaboration dress, last year Steven Alan shirts (which usually sell for around $150 and the Uniqlo ones were around the £20 mark).

In stock at the moment are two designer collaborations - drapey tops and dresses from Velvet by Graham & Spencer (mainline and dresses from Costello Tagliapietra (

Uniqlo don’t seem to be so great at promoting these collaborations and it can be difficult to find the stock on the website (though it is clearer in store). The ‘Velvet’ line does have its own dedicated section on the site.

I couldn’t seem to find the Costello Tagliapietra dresses in their own category…you have to go into dresses to find them. They are labelled as ‘Costello’ dresses or ‘DI’ (for designer innovation).

Some of my favourites:

And, just to make it even more tempting, they’re in the sale! The dresses are down from £29.99 to £14.99. Utter bargain!

p.s. I bought my sister a pink, draped vest top from the Velvet range, so will wait for her to report back once she’s road-tested it!

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  1. My beautiful draped pink Uniqlo top made an outing yesterday to Wimbledon (oh know, how lah-de-dah am I?!) It was very comfortable, a beautiful colour and I loved wearing it so thank you Katie!


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