Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More Sales!

I had to include another sales blog given it’s the season of all things reduced!

Liberty did a range with the US retailer Target earlier this year. Lots of lovely Liberty print items for home and self all at prices that were much friendlier to the financially challenged than the usual Liberty stock (one of the most gorgeous shops in London and I love it, but I usually only buy cards and chocolates!). And, for once, the Target collaboration was actually available in the UK.

Anyway, the affordable has become even more so…it’s in the sale.

Lots of it has sold out already but there are still some lovely things left:

Liberty shopper
£15 down to £10.50

Storage Box
£15 down to £10.50

Mini Journal Set
£12 down to £8.40

And on the subject of Target, who has had umpteen collaborations with designers…including Luella, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler…the next designer collaboration is with…don’t pass out…Mulberry!

Only available in USA…so go forth and seek out if you happen to be in that part of the world from October this year!


  1. As one who was (whisper it)shopping on Monday, the Liberty for Target stuff really is beautiful. I picked up a (very heavy) vase before having to remind myself that I was travelling across London to a hotel room that evening so sadly had to put it back

  2. Maybe order it on line and get it delivered instead?

  3. Now look here Mrs Warrick, you know I have the willpower of a small child faced with a large bowl of sweets so shopping vicariously through me could lead to divorce in the Phillips household!!! Having said all this I do have a spare ten minutes before lunch.........


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