Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Lust Item of the Week

I am broke…through my own fault entirely. Years of living beyond my means have meant a lovingly filled wardrobe and shabbily empty bank account. My flat was bought at the top of the housing market and is being renovated in the depths of the crash. And I got married. And went on a honeymoon. And now I’m here…happily married and unhappily broke!

I have promised myself that as the new Mrs W I am going to get on top of my money and become one of these mythical people who save, have no credit card debt, money in their current accounts at the end of each month…and are able to buy ‘investment pieces’ each season! It’s going to take some years to get there…and some years of making the best attempt
possible to buy very, very little.

The problem with shopping is that once one craving is sated, another is created. So to satisfy my constant urge to buy something new and lovely, I am going to post it here, lust after it for a week and move on. And I will
know that if I can’t and it is love…then hopefully a sale will be just around the corner and I can move in for the kill.

Item number 1 – this little tie-dye (ombre?!) beauty from Reiss.
£85 so not horribly expensive…but it’s either get my hair coloured and cover up the white (not even grey!) hairs or buy this. So the white hairs prevail! It is gorgeous. I think in this country we still have a problem with tie-dye and its association with hippies but you don’t really have that in the USA and you will see women…working women…who can wear tie-dye clothing and look chic in it. It’s not all about spray-on tie-dye jeans or cropped tops! This would look amazing in the summer with a blazer, long pendant and flat sandals/peep toe heels…and you could wear it to work.

I work within two minutes walk from TWO Reiss stores so resistance on this one might be futile…especially because I keep seeing the shop assistants wearing this and looking great!

p.s. the glorious Reiss sale has just started! (alas not on this little beauty!)

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