Friday, 25 June 2010

Polka Dot Makeup

Without realising it had happened, I seem to have created a make-up mountain at home of every possible brand of make-up, in every colour imaginable and every possible item you could ever need! It only dawned on me how much I’d got when I went into Mac to buy something just to ‘freshen up’ my look and realised there wasn’t a shade of eye shadow or lipstick that I didn’t already own in some form!

I did treat myself to a large stash of ‘By Terry’ makeup when I recently got married, which is gorgeous and smells of roses and just feels really luxurious…but was also rather expensive!

So now in my new age of austerity, make-up too has joined the ranks of things ‘I MUST NOT buy’.

Which i
s a shame because Topshop recently released its own range of makeup which has the cutest, most adorable packaging I think I’ve ever seen. Polka dots and stripes…what’s not to love! I have no idea about the quality, although it was all developed by quite a renowned make-up artist so should be pretty good. But, it does look lovely and is a good price…and has great names like the lipstick called ‘Brighton Rock’!


  1. Completely agree. I bought a couple of things as gifts and the packaging is really beautiful. Loving the pastel nail colours for summer although I am not sure I could rock a yellow!

  2. I was given a present of an Opi nail polish in pale purple (I think the colour is called Rumple's Wiggin'!?) and have worn it all summer! Pastels definitely working this summer!

  3. That Opi wonder must have been from a discerning buyer...;-)

    Thanks for the tip! I'm heading to Topshop tomorrow. I WANT!!!


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