Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clarks wish list

Clarks makes a frequent appearance on Edna.  I’m a big fan. I’ve confessed before, I'll say it again. It has such a huge range of stock and lots of it can totally turn people off, especially if you’re under the age of 30 but over 5! But if you look closely enough, season-in, season-out, there are some gems. All well made. All really well priced. The Harris Tweed collection is gorgeous. Mary Portas has a great range, with more fashiony pieces (though I have to confess that the lime beauties I bought in the summer sale are a bit pinchy).

For Autumn/Winter 2012, these are my favourites.

Row 1: Camelia Crisp - £44.99; Hamble Oak Harris Tweed brogues - £49.99
Row 2: Dollar tango black patent shoes - £59.99; Jilli tweed in dark brown - £49.99
Row 3: Lulworth Beach teal suede - £59.99; La Catherine from the Mary Portas range - £120
Row 4: Cornish Ice shoes - £64.99; La Jolie from the Mary Portas range - £89.99
Row 5: Kelda Diva knee high boots - £99.99; La Mary black combination suede boots - £130
Row 6: Bea Karob black patent shoes - £64.99Pastel desert boots for little ones - £34 (which have Laney May's name written all over them!)

p.s. I've finally reached 50 members...welcome Edna's 50th! I hope you enjoy xx

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