Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Orla Kiely dresses...for £19.90!

A quickie as it's late and I'm ill and desperate for the night nurse and my bed!

But I had to do a public service and blog about the latest Orla Kiely range at Uniqlo. It's glorious and a bargain. £19.90 for cotton tunic dresses in her signature prints, with contrast cuffs and Peter Pan collars. What's not to love?!

Mr W heard me making slightly choked noises about half an hour ago while doing a bit of Edna research and realised that my 'no shopping until 2013' ban was being tested to the limit! I stuck to my resolve and mournfully left the page...only for him to say he wanted to buy me one (as a treat for finally facing up to a decades long rodent phobia and going to get help!).

So at least next time I see evil in rodent form (i.e a rat), at least I can skip away (at speed) in a gorgeous dress!

This is the dress making its way to me as we speak...

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress A - £19.90

These are the other dresses in the range but there are also tops, blouses and a scarf.

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress B - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress C - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress D - £19.90

Orla Kiely ¾ sleeve dress E - £19.90

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  1. Oh these are gorgeous, I need to check these out! Maybe a trip to London's on the books?!

    I wonder if you'd like to have a look at my little website, I've only just started it so it's still very small! It's basically a little directory of all my favourite classy shops and what I love about them. If you'd have a look and maybe help me to spread the word that would be amazing!! You can find it at http://cherryblossomhandbook.blogspot.co.uk. Thank you so much!

    Poppy ♥


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