Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to wear a leather skirt

I was chatting to some colleagues recently about leather skirts. They're everywhere this autumn and the general consensus seemed to be to give them a wide berth. I think with leather there's always a fear that you look a bit like you're trying to 'rock it up'...and you can descend into a Roxette tribute act!

I saw this photo recently and thought I'd share Alexa Chung giving a masterclass in how to wear a leather skirt...and not look like she's about to launch into a big hair power ballad!

Photo taken from InStyle UK

The key is the contrast - leather but worn in a ladylike way, with demure heels, a chunky sweater, classic black bag and low-key make-up and hair. No back-combing, fishnets, red lipstick, or a low-cut band t-shirt in sight!

So use Alexa as inspiration and don't be afraid of leather!

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