Thursday, 1 July 2010

From NYC with Love

I like the US designer Rachel Roy a lot. Her clothes are for grown-up women and are really elegant and beautiful (though occasionally veering into frumpsville). She is gorgeous and when you look at the recent photo of her (in tie dye!) you just want to be that woman...she looks elegant but with a cool edge (and absolutely stunning too!).

Her clothes are pricey. I know Net-a-Porter used to stock them but don’t seem to anymore. The Outnet has a few items but nothing particularly exciting.

What is exciting, is her diffusion range ‘Rachel, Rachel Roy’ which is stocked in Macy’s and online (though international delivery isn’t great and you have to order on the phone and it takes up to two weeks…which is a bit of an arse if it doesn’t fit and you have to send it back. Not sure about Macy’s delivery options…) But if you are going to the USA and are near Macy’s it’s definitely, definitely worth dropping in. There are some absolute beauties in the range and all at good prices. Obviously the fabrics might be a little on the cheap side and it’s difficult to gauge quality online but still, for a great designer you’re getting some absolute bargains.

Some of my favourites:

Cross drape dress $129…and 100% silk!

Cross drape dress $119

One shoulder goddess dress $109

Coat cardigan - $88.99 in sale (cotton + silk)

Boy charm necklace $60

Bubble sleeve romper - wasn’t sure whether to include this as the word ‘romper’ and ‘woman’ are not ones that should meet in the same sentence! But it’s gorgeous…and I could almost (almost!) imagine wearing it during the festive season with some very thick denier tights. It’s $109…in poly & nylon…so probably best to avoid if you smoke!

Nadia shoe $109

Rachel Roy website

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