Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dresses fit for a birthday party!

This past Saturday night was an opportunity to dress myself up a bit, put a nice frock on, maybe a few sequins, and go out to a birthday party. However, getting to the point of leaving the house was eventful!

My growing bump has not caused much of a clothing problem on a day-to-day basis, as jersey dresses with empire lines have seen me through. Trying to find a dressier frock for a night out that still went around my expanded girth was another matter. At one stage, Mr W had to come and rescue me as I got stuck in a dress and started to panic and hyperventilate! He did point out that I was hardly pot-holing and stuck underground and to pull myself together (common sense, but it didn’t go down very well at the time!).

I did eventually find something that fit and dressed it up with some statement jewellery (unfortunately even my reasonably new jewelled flat shoes don’t seem to fit at the moment, as pregnancy seems to make your feet swell...and ankle straps are becoming a challenge as I also seem to have developed cankles!).

In a spell of fashion daydreaming and online browsing, these are the dresses I'd love to have had in my wardrobe last Saturday...and to fit into!

Max C spotted long sleeve dress - £42 (but unfortunately it’s currently out of stock)

Reiss pearl silk dress in coral – rather pricey at £179 but very gorgeous!

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