Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Designer shopping without the guilt

A quickie tonight as I’ve been to my first antenatal class and have returned home shattered and even more alarmed at the prospect of labour than I was three hours ago! It’s a good diversion to think about fashion for a while rather than discussions of my pain threshold and descriptions of what contractions feel like!

I love a good designer collaboration on the high street. I blogged recently about my palpitations at the Editions range at Debenhams and my lovely new Preen dress for less than £50.

The latest collaboration that has caught my eye is Jessica Ogden’s range for Asos. The range is part of the Green Room collection at Asos and is produced in Kenya in support of Kenyan producer SOKO.

So not only is it gorgeous and a little taste of designer clothing for a fraction of the price, it’s also good for your shopping conscience!

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