Sunday, 3 April 2011

LK Bennett in lustworthy form!

This week's lust item is more about an entire collection than a solitary item. I walk past LK Bennett every day and their window display is killing me at the moment. They are on fire this season!

Sometimes a lot of LK Bennett's shoes can be a little 'mother of the bride' for my taste. This season she must have been banished to the back of the shop!

Unfortunately, the prices mean that I am going to be lusting through the shop window rather than admiring on my feet. And my struggles with heels mean that I am very unlikely to invest in a gorgeous, sexy pair of red, ribbon-tie, heeled sandals that I will never, ever wear!

In my imaginary fashion world where money and comfort don't factor, these are the shoes I would be buying!

Arabella shoe in pink coral - £120 (down from £175)

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