Saturday, 9 April 2011

A spring day out

The sun is shining in London - blue skies, temperatures above 20 degrees...the works! This sort of weather also means that a huge percentage of the population almost strips naked in the excitement of finally having sunshine after six months of gloom! A lot of flesh on show!

While I may have been tempted down the hot pant route if I had the legs for them, alas I don't so my thighs are a bit more covered up! And rather than short shorts, I love nothing more than a summer dress swishing against bare legs (no tights...hurrah!).

On my imaginary day out in the sunshine today (I'm in doors with Mr W doing DIY!) this is the outfit I'd like to be wearing. It would take me from a stroll and lunch in the sunshine to drinks later (this is, of course, ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant and would not be able to wear this dress or probably the wedges either...but still, I did say imaginary day out!).

Lucas Jack square ring - £35 (down from £50)
A little too much detail but this is the lipstick I would slap on too!

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